Mailing Lists for Students and Student Residences

General Student Distribution Lists

Email lists for students by class year and enrollment status will be automatically updated on a periodic basis from the Registrar's administrative database. These student lists vary between mandatory, optional, open, and moderated. For definitions of these different mailing list categories, please see here. Students can join or leave optional distribution lists, such as allstu, by following the linked instructions.

Below are some of the general student distribution lists: All Students Mandatory Moderated Students who want to use it Optional Open First–Year Students Mandatory Moderated Second–Year Students Mandatory Moderated Third–Year Students Mandatory Moderated Fourth–Year Students Mandatory Moderated Off–campus students Mandatory Open

Residence Hall Distribution Lists

Kenyon also provides distribution lists for each of its residence halls. These are all mandatory and moderated distribution lists, and membership is assigned according Housing and Residential Life's administrative database. They are listed alphabetically below: Acland Apartments Bushnell Residence Hall Caples Residence Hall Crozier Center for Women Delt Lodge Duff House Farm Residence Gund Residence Hall Hanna Residence Hall Harlow Walker House (Phi Kaps) Leonard Residence Hall Lewis Residence Hall Manning Residence Hall Mather Residence Hall (All) McBride Residence Hall Morgan Apartments North Campus Apartments New Apartments Norton Residence Hall Off–Campus Housing Old Kenyon Residence Hall Snowden Center Taft Cottages Villiage Inn Appartments Watson Residence Hall Wilson Apartments

Student residence lists do not have the same limitations as student-info; messages to the residents of a specific building can be more informal and unofficial (i.e. "party in the 2nd floor lounge at 10!") Note that sending a message to all residences to avoid the moderation rules for student-info will be rejected by the moderator.