Mailing Lists for Students

General Student Distribution Lists

Email lists for students by class year and enrollment status will be automatically updated on a periodic basis from the Registrar's administrative database. These student lists vary between mandatory, optional, open, and moderated. For definitions of these different mailing list categories, please see here. Students can join or leave optional distribution lists, such as allstu, by following the linked instructions.

Below are some of the general student distribution lists:

student-info@kenyon.eduAll students, including withdrawn studentsMandatoryModerated
studentsinperson@kenyon.eduAll active students either living on campus or commutingMandatoryModerated
studentsremote@kenyon.eduAll active students studying remotelyMandatoryModerated
studentsonleave@kenyon.eduStudents who have withdrawn but intend to returnMandatoryModerated
ocsstu@kenyon.eduStudents participating in off–campus study programsMandatoryOpen
allstu@kenyon.eduStudents who want to use itOptionalOpen


fresh@kenyon.eduFirst–Year StudentsMandatoryModerated
soph@kenyon.eduSecond–Year StudentsMandatoryModerated
junior@kenyon.eduThird–Year StudentsMandatoryModerated
senior@kenyon.eduFourth–Year StudentsMandatoryModerated