Some email lists at Kenyon are moderated. If you are the moderator of a list, the instructions below should help you navigate the moderator privileges. There is an expectation that each moderated mailing list will be reviewed at least once a day during the normal work week for pending messages.

Log in as a Moderator

In your web browser, connect to This link will take you to a login screen. Login using the moderator account with which you have been provided. You may wish to bookmark this address for easier access.

Select a List to Moderate

Select the Maillists tab. Highlight the list you wish to moderate and click Moderate. If you have more than one list that you moderate, you will have to return to this page to select each list in turn.

Process any Pending Messages

At this point, you may see a number of pending messages for the mailing list that you have selected to moderate. These are messages that have been sent to the mailing list but have not been delivered to anyone. They are waiting for the moderator (you!) to decide whether to accept them as appropriate for the mailing list. You will see the From:, Subject: and Date: fields for each message. Click Moderate on the left of each message to read the message.

Once you select Moderate, you will be able to read the complete text of the message. You have several choices for further action. You can accept, reject, discard, or defer a message:

  • Accepting a message means to allow the message to be delivered to the members of the mailing list.
  • Rejecting a message is to return the message back to the sender. You have the option (in the upper right-hand corner) to provide a reason for the rejection of the message. Note that you can also send the rejection to someone else in addition to the sender.
  • Discarding a message is to remove the message without notifying the sender that the message will not be sent on to the list.
  • Deferring a message is to keep the message in the pending state, waiting for the moderator's eventual decision.

Log Off

Once you have processed all the pending messages, you can log off or close your browser.