Leave an Optional Distribution List

Some email distribution lists at Kenyon are optional. If you are on an optional list, you can remove yourself from the list. The mail server terminology for removing yourself from a list is "leaving a list."

allemp and allstu 

allemp and allstu have been converted into Google's Groups service for mailing lists. Google Groups gives you more control over how and when you receive messages or you can leave the group.

To change your delivery preferences with the "My Settings" button at the upper right corner of the allemp or allstu group page. The "My Settings" button.

Image showing my setting thumbnail.

Then choose "Membership and email settings." Select your preferred delivery setting and click save.

Image showing the options in my setting with the dash button hovering over Membership and email settings.

If you wish to leave the group, you can also do that through the "My Settings" button in the allemp or allstu group page. After you click the button, select "Leave this group" and confirm.


Other mailing lists

To leave another list, send a message to the address listname-request@kenyon.edu, where "listname" is the name of the specific list you want to leave. The subject of the message is irrelevant. In the body of the message, put only one line: LEAVE. 

For example, if you are on the allemp@kenyon.edu email distribution list, send a message to allemp-request@kenyon.edu with only one line in the body of the message: LEAVE. Do not put any text after this! (If you have an automatic signature attached to your outgoing mail, then put a second line: STOP after the LEAVE line. This will tell the mail system not to process any more lines after the STOP.)

You will receive an automated message from the mail system telling you that you have been successfully removed from the list, which takes effect immediately.