Join an Optional Distribution List

Some email distribution lists at Kenyon are optional. If you would like to be on an optional list, you may be able to add yourself to the list.

allemp and allstu 

allemp and allstu have been converted into Google's Groups service for mailing lists. To join allemp or allstu visit the allemp or allstu Google Group page and click the blue "Join Group" button. If this is the first time you have logged into Google Groups you will see an introductory page for Google groups. After you pass the introductory page, click "Browse all groups" to see a list of groups you can join.

You can choose how you’d like to receive allemp and allstu messages.  There are four delivery options for the new allemp and allstu. You can tell the system to:

  1. Send an email for every new message
  2. Send combined updates (25 messages per email or once per day)
  3. Send daily summaries (once per day)
  4. Don’t send email updates (access allemp and allstu through Google Groups site)

If you already receive allemp or allstu messages in your inbox, your default setting is to “send combined updates.” You will receive a single message whenever 25 messages have been sent, but you’ll get at least one message a day even if 25 haven’t been sent in that day.