Current Academic Course Mailing Lists

Kenyon provides academic course mailing lists for every course. The membership of these lists is updated daily. All academic course mailing lists have mandatory membership based on the official enrollment in the Registrar's system. All academic course mailing lists are open and anyone at Kenyon can address an email to them. New course mailing lists are added before the start of the new term and are removed after a year so that at any given time there are three course lists active: the one for the last semester, the one for the current semester, and the most up-to-date list for the next semester. 

The syntax for the name of the course mailing list is given below.

  • Type the four-character subject designation
  • Followed by the three-digit course number
  • Followed by the two-digit section number (00 indicates only one section)
  • For double-listed courses, add a after the section number
  • Followed by the first letter of the term (f=fall or s=spring)
  • Followed by the two-digit year designation (the last two digits of the year)
  • Followed by

For example, the course mailing list for the students and the professor in Anthropology 491, section 01, for the Spring semester of 2016 would be