Email Distribution Lists

General Information

Kenyon provides more than 2,000 email distribution lists for particular groups of Kenyon students, faculty, staff, and administration. Most of these are generated daily from the Registrar and Human Resources databases.

Kenyon's five types of email distribution lists are described below:

  • Optional: People in the distribution list can remove themselves from the list. In certain cases, people can also join optional lists.
  • Mandatory: People in the distribution list cannot remove themselves from the list.
  • Open: A list to which anyone anyone at Kenyon can send an email.
  • Closed: A list to which only members of the list can send an email.
  • Moderated: A list to which anyone can send an email, but where all messages are reviewed by a moderator before delivery.

Some Kenyon email distribution lists have a limited web archive of the messages sent to them. Access the web archives here.

Email Distribution List Characteristics

  • Messages sent to public email distribution lists have a maximum size limit of 25 MB, which is about twenty-five million characters. 
  • Class mailing lists have a limit of 25 MB, about twenty-five million characters. 
  • Sending an attached image or a large document to a public list may fail to be delivered because the message size limit is exceeded. These limits are fundamental Gmail limits and can't be changed. Large attachments should be shared other than through email.
  • If you are a faculty member and you would like to have a specific class list message limit increased, please call Helpline at 1-740-427-5700
  • Sending to public distribution lists is restricted to account holders only. Attempts to email any of these lists from email accounts will fail.

Moderated Distribution Lists

The purpose of moderated distribution lists, in general, is to make sure that the messages sent to the list pertain to the purpose and focus of the list. At Kenyon, almost all moderated lists are moderated so that only messages associated with College business are distributed to the lists. For more information regarding Kenyon's moderated email distribution lists, please refer the guidelines for moderators, and our general overview of email usage at Kenyon.

Email Distribution Lists

Email distribution lists are available for multiple groups on campus, including: