Email Accounts and Quotas

Student & Employee Email Accounts & Quotas

Email accounts are created for Kenyon faculty, staff and students when they are first employed or enrolled at Kenyon. Special student accounts and affiliated scholar accounts are created upon request and can be extended by the Registrar's office. Kenyon Google Mail and Google Drive have unlimited storage.

Requests for a student organization or special project email account are made in person with the Office of Student Engagement. Those requests are then sent by Student Engagement directly to LBIS Information Technology Services (ITS) to process. Students will be notified by ITS when the account has been created.

When You Leave Kenyon

Graduates can keep their email accounts until the end of July. These accounts do not require a Kenyon network login to access their Kenyon Google Mail. 

You can now download a .zip archive of all your Kenyon Gmail messages. 

Employees who leave Kenyon automatically will have their email account extended for 90 days after ending employment. 

Size limit on Email Messages

There is a 25 MB size limit on email messages in Gmail. Anything larger will not be sent. This limit applies to the whole message, so a message with a single attachement larger than 25 MB can't be sent; also, a message with multiple attachments that are together larger than 25 MB can't be sent.