Configuring Mozilla Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird is a free application used to manage emails directly from one’s computer, rather than in an internet browser, and provides many ways to organize and filter email messages. Simply use your Kenyon email address, <yourusername> as the Google Apps Username.

Instructions for account setup can be found on the Mozilla page:

The server settings will need to be set manually using the manual config button and should be as follows:

Thunderbird SMTP Settings
Server Hostname Port SSL Authentication
Incoming: IMAP 993 SLS/TLS Normal Password
Outgoing: SMTP 465 SLS/TLS Normal Password


Once the account is set up, further information about configuring your existing Gmail to work with Thunderbird can be found at:                                                                               

Please contact Helpline at 1-740-427-5700 or if you have any questions.