Accounts and Quotas on the Kenyon Network

Network Accounts

Kenyon faculty, staff and student accounts are created through an automatic process when an employee begins work or a student enrolls at Kenyon.

Special student accounts are available for those individuals who may take only a course or two at Kenyon. This type of account is valid only for the time period of the course and is used for the special student to communicate with the professor. It can be extended by the Registrar's office if re-enrolling in another course.

Affiliated scholar accounts are created for individuals to whom Kenyon has decided to give "affiliated scholar" status. It is valid for one year but can be extended by the Registrar's office.

Network Account Quotas

  • Faculty H: drive accounts, affiliated scholar accounts and adjunct instructors reside on the server and have quotas of 500 MB. Those requiring higher quotas will be accommodated as long as drive space is available.
  • Staff H: drive accounts also reside on the server and have quotas of 500 MB. Those requiring higher quotas will be accommodated as long as drive space is available.
  • Summer group guest accounts (on tiber) have quotas of 50 MB.
  • Student H: drive accounts and special student accounts reside on the server and have quotas of 300 MB.
  • All Kenyon Google accounts also have a combined 30 GB of file storage shared between Gmail and Google Drive.

Requests for a student organization or special project network account on the P: drive should be made in person to the Director of Student Activities & Organizations at the Student Affairs Center (SAC). Those requests are then sent by Student Activities directly to the LBIS systems manager to process. Students will be notified by the systems manager when the account has been created. Student organization or special project accounts have a 100 MB quota.

Check Your Quota and Space Usage

In Windows:

  1. Open Windows Explorer
  2. Right-clicking on your H: drive in the list in the left column. 
  3. Left-click on Properties in the dropdown menu. 
  4. Your H: drive quota and usage will be displayed in the window that appears.

In Apple OS X, you will have to go to a Windows workstation in a public lab to check your quota as described above.

Recover Space on Your H: Drive

You must either delete or transfer files from your account. You can write the files to an external disk for long-term storage. Contact Helpline at (740) 427-5700 for more information. To delete files using a Windows computer, use the My Computer or Windows Explorer utilities. Mac users cannot delete files from a Mac once their H: drive becomes full because it denies access to the files. They must go to a Windows workstation in a public lab to access and delete their files and gain space in their account.

Apply for an Increase in Quota

Faculty and staff requiring an increased quota should contact Helpline. Students who demonstrate a need for more quota because of a class project or part-time employment may request an increase through the faculty member or Kenyon supervisor who is responsible. That person should email Helpline requesting an increased quota on behalf of the student and Helpline will forward the request to the LBIS systems manager. Student increases will remain in effect until the end of the project or (at the latest) the end of the academic year. A new request must be filed if the increased quota is needed during the next academic year.