Network Drives

(New to Kenyon? Start with this overview of Kenyon's network drives.)

Kenyon provides several network drives for student and employee use, commonly referred to by the letter assigned to them in Windows (H: drive, O: drive, and so forth.) Many Kenyon-owned computers are configured so that the most frequently used drives are mapped at login. You can also manually map any network drive on your Apple or Windows computer. 

In addition to Kenyon's network drives, Google provides unlimited storage space to Kenyon employees and students, which is shared between their Gmail and Google Drive accounts. LBIS strongly recommends that students use Google Drive to back up their schoolwork in addition to saving files on their H: drive.  

Network Drive Resources

Using network drives at Kenyon

Connecting to Network Drives

Google Drive

Download an archive of your H: drive 

Network drive quotas

A guide to sharing files on Kenyon's network