How to Use the Faculty/Staff Space Request Forms (with and without services)

How to Use the Faculty/Staff Space Request Forms (with and without services)

From the "My Home" page, click on the "book now" box of the Faculty/Staff – Space Request (no services) or Faculty/Staff – Space Request (with services) reservation templates (forms). There is no difference in the forms; however, if you will be needing to request services such as catering, maintenance, or IT help for your event, be sure to use the form with services, or you will be unable to add them at a later time.

Image showing reservation templates.

On the page that appears, click the grid next to the date box to pull up a calendar.  Then, select a date.

Image showing a calendar to pick the date of the event.

After selecting the date, click the clock to select the start and end time of your event. Please note that you can toggle between AM and PM in the clock box.

Image showing options to pick a time for your event.

If you would like the event to reoccur at a regular interval, select Recurrence to bring up the menu. Here you must enter how often the event will occur and how many times you will need it to reoccur.

Image showing options to select recurrence of the booking.

'Locations' are optional.  You can narrow your search by area.  An area is a grouping of a specific type of buildings. To search all buildings, choose 'Show All Areas'. Alternatively, if you already know what room you want to request, you can bypass the search feature by clicking on 'I Know What Room I Want' and entering the room name.

Image showing the options to select the location of the booking.

Finally, enter how many people will be attending the event, along with any other features the room will need to host your event, and click Update Features (if applicable) and then click Search.

Image showing other options including attendance and room features.

The system will find available spaces compatible with your needs. The resulting list will show up on the right pane. Click the green plus sign to choose a space.

Image showing the available locations.

You can also reserve multiple spaces and reserve those spaces for multiple times within this single reservation, by clicking the plus button for multiple spaces, and/or going back and changing the time/date for the event before submitting the event. Be sure that all spaces and times are selected before clicking Next Step.

Image showing multiple locations being selected.

Please Note: If the room you want to reserve does not show up, it may have already been reserved by someone else for that time or the room is unable to fit the needs of your event.

This form allows reservations within 300 days of the event. The cutoff time for cancelling your reservation is 5:00 pm 2 days before your event is scheduled to take place.