How to Request Available Services

Requesting Available Services

In addition to allowing users to request spaces for their events, the Kenyon Reservation System also allows users to request certain additional services for their meeting, such as tech support, catering, and maintenance requests.

These services are booked from within an existing reservation. To begin, mouse over the “Reservations” drop-down menu, and select View My Requests

Image showing options under the tab of reservations.

In the screen that appears, click the event name.

Image showing screen of view my requests.

Under the Services tab, click the green plus button.

Image showing the screen when you click the event's name

Click the service that you would like to request. 

Screen showing the image when you press the green plus button.

Fill out the form and click Save.

Image showing options when you click on the maintenance event furniture link.

You should be taken to a screen that looks like this one. If you are requesting multiple services, you can continue to add other services from this screen.

Image showing how to add multiple services to an existing reservation.

As you request services, please be mindful of the deadlines for requesting each service.