Kenyon Reservations - How to appropriately use "Event Types"

How to appropriately use Kenyon Reservations Event Types

The following Event Types are available* in Kenyon Reservations:  


Academic Class – This event type is used only for the classes that are loaded from Banner during the sync and publish process. These are required class meeting times.

Academic Supplemental – This event type is for reservations that are associated with a specific class. This can include extra class times, review sessions, discussion group break-out sessions, and tests that require additional rooms.

Alumni Event – An event whose participants are graduates, former students, or parents of students of Kenyon College.

Athletic Camp/Clinic – An event that involves an institution’s sports camp or instructional clinic that is owned or operated by a Kenyon College or an employee of the Kenyon College athletics department, either on or off its campus, in which prospective student athletes participate.  This can also include athletic camps that are held during the summer months and supported by Summer Programs.

Athletic Contest – A reservation for a contest between varsity athletes who participate in intercollegiate athletic competition.

Athletic Parent Request – A reservation by the parent of a Kenyon College athlete that is social in nature and does not align itself with the athletic group at Kenyon College.

Athletic Practice – A reservation representing a Kenyon College athletic group engaging in repeated exercise or performance of an activity or skill to acquire or maintain proficiency in it.

Audition – A reservation for a short performance to show the talents of someone (such as an actor or a musician) who is being considered for a role in a play, a position in an orchestra, etc. for Kenyon College.

Campus Wide Event – A reservation for an event that involves much of The College and helps foster a sense of community on campus.  The event may run for multiple days and consist of many smaller events spread throughout the campus.

Club Contest –  A reservation for club sport contests against other institutions (intercollegiate club).

Club Practice – A reservation for an event where members who participate in a club are practicing or performing an activity or skill to become proficient in it.

College Governance – A reservation for official College Student, Factuly and Staff governance.

College Traditional Events – Reservations for traditional Kenyon College events that enrich the campus life and the college experience-- these include Commencement, Baccalaureate, Honors Day, Founders Day, etc...

Community – A reservation for a planned gathering on public property consisting of 50 or more people or any sized event which blocks/reserves access to public property / right of way.  Usually includes local city residents as well as the Kenyon College community.

Conference – A reservation for an event where two or more persons come together to discuss matters of common concern, a usually formal interchange of views and opinions.   Often includes refreshments/catering.

Film Screening – A reservation to show a movie, video, or television program.  If this is part of a class, please use Academic Supplemental. If this is for a student organization, please contact the Student Activities Office to secure film screening rights. 

Final Exam – This event type is used only when reserving space for final exams.

Hiring- Presentation/Interview – This event type is used for various meetings involving candidates for employment at Kenyon. (Details not displayed on the web.)

Informational Fair – A reservation for an event that brings representatives from various entities (offices, companies, organizations) with the intent of sharing information for a particular purpose.

Language AT Sessions – A reservation for the Kenyon Intensive Language Model (KILM) or Department of Classics, as a required part of a student’s attendance for a language course.

Lecture/Panel Discussion – A reservation that includes a discussion of a subject of public interest by a group of persons forming a panel, often before an audience. This is usually a formal discussion for which the topic and speakers have been selected in advance.  Lecture/Panel discussions are to be coordinated with Susan Spaid, Director of Cultural Events.

Maintenance – This event type is used to place a space “on hold” for required maintenance or upgrades on equipment.

Meal/Reception – A reservation for a social function where light refreshments or meals will be served. Receptions are often informal, and attendees will usually stand up and socialize rather than sit down at a table.

Meeting – This event type is used for events that occur on a routine basis.  It can include beverages or food service, but it is not a reception or hospitality event.  

Orientation – This event type is used for a period of time at the beginning of the academic year during which a variety of events are held to orient and welcome new students. 

Party – A reservation for an social group gathering.  Student parties must be approved by the Student Activities Office.  External parties are contracted through Summer Programs during the year.

Performance/Concert/Recital – An event typically held in Rosse Hall, Bolton Theater, etc. and feature a dance or musical performance, readings, or recitations usually performed in front of an audience.  

Presentation – A reservation for presenting a topic to an audience.  It is typically a demonstration, lecture or speech.  

Production Prep – This event type is used to place a hold on a space being prepared for a production, film, play, or performance.

Recreation/Wellness – An event or program designed to sustain campus wellness, such as Kenyon Fit and Intramurals, may also include individual requests.

Rehearsal – A reservation for practice or a trial performance of a play or other work for later public performance.

Religious service – An event having religious meaning.

Training – A reservation for teaching, or developing skills and knowledge related to specific useful competencies.  

Tutoring/Review Session – A reservation for tutoring or review on academic subject material. Review Sessions take place in a large group format utilizing problem sets provided by the academic department. 

Wedding – All wedding requests are to be contracted through the Office of Summer Programs regardless of the time of the year.  Weddings and other external events are not to be scheduled while students are in session.

*Please note that some Event Types are not able to be requested through the online forms.

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