Etiquette for Naming Events on Kenyon Reservations

Why does it matter what Event Name you use?

1. Limited information is available through Kenyon Reservations through certain modes of reservation:

    • My Reservations lists the event name, group, first and last dates, and location. 
    • Browse for Space includes the event name, event type, location, event time, group. 
    • Browse for Facilities only lists the event name.

Therefore, if someone is browsing for facilities, and an event is inappropriately titled, they will not have any more information with which to discover the nature of your event.

2. It will be quicker and easier for you to find the event you need to change if you do not name everything “Meeting”.

3. The information stored in the system will be used to make decisions about how space is used and the types of space the College needs in the future.

Recommendations for Naming Public Events

  • The name should include what the event is and who is sponsoring the event
    • eg. Tom Petty solo concert- Taylor Concert Series
    • eg. Jim Lehrer lecture- Faculty Lectureship
  • Be sure to include information about who the meeting will include, and when it will occur.
    • eg. Hillel Planning Meeting Fall 2019
    • eg. Owl Creeks Winter Concert 12/7/19
  • For a one-off meeting, including the date would be appropriate, helpful information.
    • eg. Dept. of Geography Meeting 9/5/19
  • However, for a recurring meeting, each meeting would read the date of the first one, so a generalization of the time would be more useful.
    • eg. Dept. of Geography Meetings Fall 2019
  • Be sure to also include any other relevant information, such as the intended audience for the event.
    • eg. Public Open Forum on Campus Accessibility 9/7/19
    • eg. Classics Department Faculty Meeting Fall 2019