The Education and Training Team is a group of LBIS staff that strive to support the mission of the college by offering and/or facilitating training sessions on various Library and Information services to the Kenyon Community as needed.

We offer Campus sessions on Google Apps such as Mail, Calendar, and Drive and we also offer Group training sessions for individual departments.  Below is a description of all your training options through LBIS.

Group Training Sessions for Updated Technology

When new software packages, such as the Microsoft Office upgrade or Google Mail, are introduced to the campus, LBIS offers scheduled training sessions to help you with the transition.

Online Self-Directed Technology Training

Kenyon staff and faculty have access to great basic software training videos through Atomic Learning. These videos included very short, focused training on a particular feature of software (such as how to do footnotes in Microsoft Word) as well as some longer, more general introductions to basic productivity software.

Department/Division Training

LBIS will create an ad hoc course for your department on a specific software topic, such as Google Mail, Google Calendar, or Google Docs.  Please contact us to arrange a session tailored to your needs.

External Training

Sometimes individuals or departments require basic training in standard tools like Microsoft Word or Excel.  You can obtain this training through external vendors such as New Horizons, a Columbus-based technology training firm with a large portfolio of classes.  You can attend a class in Columbus or schedule an on-campus training session for your group with a New Horizons instructor. Call or email them to arrange your session.  Please note: there are most likely other technology training companies to choose from, this is just one that we have worked with in the past.