Kenyon College Emergency Notification System

Kenyon College employs an emergency notification system to keep its community members well-informed in the event of an emergency.  Emergency notifications may be generated for many reasons, ranging from college shutdowns due to inclement weather to security threats which may impact the health, well-being of community members and disruptions to standard operations.  It is vital to maintain current information so that you receive notifications in a timely manner.  To enter or check your contact information, please read on.

If You Do Not Have Numbers Listed or Have Not Used

    1. Log into Personal Access Pages at (from on campus) or via (from off campus)
    2. Click either the Personal Information link or the Personal Information tab
    3. Find the Home address section, then click Current
    4. In the drop-down menu next to Type of Address to Insert, select Home, and click Submit.
    5. In the Phone Type section:
      1. To receive a phone call when there is a campus emergency, click Emergency notification - call and enter a 10-digit phone number where you can receive an automated phone call.
      2. To receive a TXT or SMS notification, click Emergency notification - TXT and enter a cell phone number where you can receive text messages.

    To Update or Enter Numbers to Receive Notifications

    1. Log into Personal Access Pages at (from on campus) or via (from off campus)
    2. Click either the Personal Information link or the Personal Information tab
    3. Click Update Home Address(es) and Phone(s)

    If you have previously submitted your phone numbers using the old system at, your numbers have been migrated and will appear under the Home address section of the resulting page. Click either of those links to edit the numbers if they are not correct or current.

    Other things to note:

    • Currently, we can only maintain one phone number for each notification type (they may be different numbers). We'll work on allowing you to add multiple numbers for each notification type. 
    • Notifications will also be sent to your Kenyon email account.
    • Charges may be incurred when receiving SMS messages. Contact your carrier for details.
    • If you do not provide an area code, 740 will be automatically substituted by Blackboard's notification system.

    A screenshot of previous alert messages can be found below.