Digitization Services

LBIS provides multimedia digitization services to faculty and staff of Kenyon College in support of curricular or research activities.

We can assist with the following services:

  • Scanning images (photographs, slides, or negatives)
  • Converting VHS videotapes or movie reels to digital video files or DVD
  • Creating short video clips from DVD or VHS source material
  • Converting older format audio (LPs, cassettes, or reel-to-reel) to CD or newer digital audio format

We will work with the requester to observe and comply with applicable copyright policies.

Please fill out this form to explain your project, and we will respond within two business days.

i.e.: DVD, digital media file (e.g. .Mov, .Avi, .mp3) etc.
i.e.: upload to DRC, Moodle, or P Drive; teaching copy; preservation; etc...