Digital Reserves Submission Form

Please complete the submission form for all digital reserves requests.

This form will aid you in determining whether permissions need to be obtained to post a selection. In Copyright Law there are several exceptions that allow the use of copyrighted materials without obtaining permission; one of these exemptions is fair use, which is determined based on four factors (listed below). No single factor is determinative of fair use, however some factors may be weighted more heavily than others depending on the context of the use.

The instructor is best able to determine if a use is fair, as they are the most familiar with the source and how it will be used for teaching. For this reason it is a requirement to complete the fair use evaluation checklist for each item. This checklist is meant to assist you in determining whether the usage of a material falls under “fair use” and will document your decision-making process. When the factors favoring fair use outnumber those against it, reliance on fair use could be justified. If fewer than half the factors favor fair use, permission from the rightsholder should be secured.

If the material can accessed online through a Kenyon database, is in the public domain, or permission has been granted from an open source then a fair use evaluation is not necessary.

Once submitted, you will receive a copy of your responses. Maintaining these records can be useful for establishing a good faith effort in complying with copyright law.

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For each Factor, check all that apply.

Factor #1 - Purpose

Factor # 2 - Nature

Factor #3 - Amount

Factor #4 - Effect

Fair Use Analysis

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