Please use this form to submit up to 10 items at a time to be posted on E-Reserves or Moodle.  Access Services provides several levels of service. We can handle scanning, posting and obtaining the necessary copyright permissions, or any combination of the above.  Requests that do not fall within "Fair Use" parameters will need copyright permission from the rightsholder.  Please note if the rightsholder denies permission or the cost is "too high" the item may not be placed on reserves.

Requests will be added to the queue as soon as they are received, and may take up to a week for initial processing. Copyright permissions are handled in order by the date the item is needed, and can take up to 6 weeks to obtain. If there is a problem or delay with posting your item, we will contact you immediately.

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Syllabus New Feature!
Submitting a copy of your syllabus allows us to process items according to when they are needed. This is not required, but is enormously helpful in obtaining copyright permissions, especially in the case of re-activating whole courses.  If you are submitting items for the first time please fill out the form.  This will assure we have full bibliographic citation information.  If we are posting items to Moodle for you the pdf files will be placed in a section labled digital reserve readings.

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Item Citations:
Please enter the bibliographic information for the item(s) needed in the spaces below, and select the date needed for each item. Then, select the delivery method for scanning and posting - note that if the item is in the collection at Kenyon, you do not need to deliver a copy to Digital Resources, just select the first item.

When entering citations, please include as much relevant bibliographic information as possible. Examples:

  • Smith, Joe. (2005). "My article title." Journal Title, 1:3, pp. 55-66.
  • Doe, Jane. (2003) "My chapter title" in Book Title, 4th ed. New York: Doubleday Books, pp. 143-156.
  • Chapter 7 in "Managing Electronic Reserves" by Jeff Rosedale, 2002, ISBN: 0838908128. pp. 109-136

If you have submitted a syllabus, it must have full bibiligraphic information.  If the syllabus is complete simply scroll to the bottom of this page and click Submit.

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 Selections being used must be either only 1 chapter or article, or comprise less than 10% of the total source to qualify under our fair use guidelines. We will seek permission for all other readings. If permission is denied, or the cost is too high, we will remove the reading from the digital platform and contact you to determine an alternative method for distribution