Can I use my own personal computer to work from home?

The short answer is no, not for most things. Realistically, we all use personal devices such as our phones and our personally owned computers to read email and communicate.  But for other work, especially work that involves access to administrative data systems or work with any information that is private, you should use a Kenyon-provided computer.

Can I get a loaner computer?

The short answer is yes, subject to resource limitations.  Actually, work-from-home has to be approved by your supervisor, so that step has to happen first. We have a limited number of extra computers, but should be able to start providing loaner computers to staff starting March 25th.

Can I get a big monitor at home to use with my laptop, like the one I have at work?

We have very few spares for this right now. The short answer is that you probably will not, at least right away. If you would like to take home your office monitor, see below.

Can I just move my whole office set up to my home?

This is an interesting question. Suppose you have agreed with your supervisor that you can work entirely from home for the next ten weeks, and that you have a good internet connection with the right kind of interfaces. Then it is quite possible to move your entire computing setup to your house, but you are responsible to move the equipment safely and set it up without assistance. As is always the case, no IT staff member can come to your house to assist you.

Can you move my office phone to my home, too?  

The short answer is maybe, but it is a lot of work and you may not have the requirements at your home network. Here is what has to happen:  LBIS has to request a special configuration change for your phone, which will take 3-5 days. Then the phone is ready. But there has to be a place to plug it in, so if your home internet connection is only wireless, it won’t work. If your home network does have a switch with a free port for the phone, then we also have to get a special power adapter for the phone. Kenyon’s network provides power for the phone through the jack in the wall, but almost no one has this feature (called POE+) for their home network. We have only a couple of adapters in stock and we’d have to purchase more. So you can see that this is not a short term solution.  

Can I work from home if I don’t have a good internet connection?

Probably not, unless your work can be done without technology.

Will the college buy me an internet connection so I can work from home?

No. Please talk with your supervisor about your situation.

When should I use the VPN? What is the VPN?

VPN stands for “Virtual Private Network”, which means a method protecting communications between your computer and a remote resource through requiring a login and encrypting the data that goes between them. You need to use a VPN when you access on campus systems with sensitive information, such as Banner or Advance.

The VPN is a “scarce resource” with only a limited number of simultaneous connections and a limited amount of bandwidth. We all must take steps to minimize our use of the VPN.  The VPN is necessary only for access to the following systems:



Campus Reports






If you are not actively working in one of these systems, please do not use the VPN.

Kenyon also offers encrypted, secure access to some systems via the web, through the site  This is a sort of “VPN lite” tool that is limited to the web. For additional information, please see Helpline’s article on Secure Web-Based Remote Access.  You can get to the following systems through


MyBanner (the web interface to Banner used by students and for time cards)

Reservations (Here are instructions for how to access this resource)

Network drives H and P


DON’T USE THE VPN for the following:

  • Using email

  • Using Google documents

  • Accessing library resources

  • Accessing the virtual computer labs

  • Accessing Moodle, PageUp, Slate, Studio Abroad, Symplicity Accommodate, Symplicity Advocate, Symplicity Residence, WebTMA, or WISR

DON'T USE Google Meet (or any videoconferencing software) when you are using the VPN.


DON’T USE for anything other than MyBanner, Reservations, or access to the H and P drives.