Library Database of the Week: Mango Languages -- Learn a new language!

Why not learn a new language over spring break? Mango Languages  uses real-life situations, conversational immersion, along with authentic content (thru full-feature length films), to teach a new language through an easy, interactive, and self-paced online system. Available on any mobile device, Mango Languages features over 50 foreign language, 17 ESL, 2 religious, and 2 literature courses taught by native speakers.

The list of 50 languages available includes Shakespearean English, Biblical Hebrew, Ancient Greek, and Pirate, as well as, German, Igbo, Turkish, and Vietnamese.

To find Mango Languages, or one of the other 380+ databases available from the library's online collection, go to All of our research databases are available in this alphabetical list. If you have any questions about using Mango, or on how to find more resources, don't hesitate to ask alibrarian or to contact the Research & Reference Desk.