Helpline's Availability This Semester

Whether you're studying or working in Gambier or elsewhere, Helpline can assist with your Kenyon technology needs. Helpline has resumed its standard hours. And while student consultants will be ready to assist you, we want you to know the best ways to reach Helpline.

This March, Helpline paused offering in-person service and shifted to serving Kenyon as a remote service desk, whether or not our student consultants were working from Gambier. Since that time, Helpline has assisted hundreds of employees and students using Google Meet's powerful videoconference and screensharing features. For the foreseeable future, Helpline will continue to provide service in this way. While some on-campus consultants will continue to work from Helpline's desk in Library B, they cannot assist you in person, but they will be ready to connect with you using Google Meet during all hours that Helpline is open.

Because so many student consultants work from off campus, Helpline's ability to take telephone calls will be limited. (In fact, during the quiet period, all consultants will be working "remotely", and thus telephone access will be extremely limited.)

For the fastest service, send a Google Chat to Helpline. (If you haven't used Google Chat yet, learn more here, then download the Google Chat app or use the Chat website.) If your question can't be answered in a quick reply, they'll send you a Google Meet link so you can talk in real time and share your screen if necessary. We welcome email for questions that are not time sensitive. And if you prefer to call, please understand if your call goes to voicemail. A consultant will respond as quickly as possible.

Despite all the changes in recent months, Helpline's commitment to assisting you remains constant. Thank you for your flexibility while we continue to adapt.