Database of the Week: Roper Center for Public Opinion Archives

Roper logo

Roper Center for Public Opinion Archives provides the campus with over 10,000 US and 8,000 international surveys and includes access to iPOLL, a comprehensive database of nearly 500,000 questions in the US over the last 70 years. It also offers on demand access to the full datasets required to conduct bivariate and multivariate analyses on surveys archived here using RoperExpress. This permits the full range of data analysis using statistical programs. You will be required to create an account to download data sets. 

To find Roper, or one of the other 380+ databases available from the library's online collection, go to All of our research databases are available in this alphabetical list. If you have any questions about using Roper, or on how to find more resources, don't hesitate to ask a liaison librarian or contact the Research & Reference Desk.