Information Technology Support for Employees

Kenyon-Owned Equipment

It is our role, along with each individual division of the College, to provide a networked workstation and various software and services to each employee of the College as necessary to complete their job duties in a location appropriate to their work. Unless their job requires use of a particular computing platform, employees have the option of using a Microsoft Windows-based or Apple computer. These Kenyon-owned components are fully supported by LBIS, and can be serviced, should the need arise, by contacting Helpline. It is our goal to respond to all standard requests for service within 48 hours, and to provide an estimated schedule for repair within 72 hours. Emergency requests will be handled as soon as they can be addressed. 

Personal Equipment

Employees may use personally-owned equipment in their workplace provided they comply with the computer use policies. Individual employees are responsible for installing and supporting their own equipment, as LBIS cannot provide assistance with equipment that is not College-owned. For the convenience of employees, LBIS may make available software for personal use or tools that facilitate use of secure networked resources from off-campus locations. LBIS will provide detailed documentation on how to configure such software or tools, but will not provide additional support in configuring or maintaining these services. LBIS also strongly discourages its own employees from performing support services for other College employees on their own time.


LBIS will only provide support for software packages ordered through LBIS. LBIS will also periodically discontinue support for aging operating systems and software packages as required.


LBIS maintains public printers in computer laboratories and in the library buildings for general campus use.  Any other networked or local departmental workgroup printers, or local inkjet printers attached to Kenyon-owned office equipment, are the responsibility of the individual departments.  All networked printers are leased from an outside contractor, and should have a service contract which includes repair labor, parts, and toner refills.  LBIS does not provide repair services for printers.