Antivirus Policy

The Kenyon computer network is a critical tool for learning, teaching, communications, recreation, and the business of the College. Personal computers are welcome on the Kenyon network, but we expect students as well as employees to keep those computers up-to-date and virus-free for the common safety of all computer users. LBIS will disconnect any computer or other device from the network which poses a hazard to other users's computers. The most common hazards are rapidly-spreading viruses or "malware", although there are legitimate software and hardware tools which, when incorrectly configured, can result in network problems for other users.

If a student-owned computer or other device is disconnected because of its behavior on the network, it is the student's responsibility to demonstrate to LBIS that the virus has been removed or the other situation has been fixed. Fixing virus or other problems on personally-owned computers is not a service which LBIS staff, including Helpline, can provide. In cases where the problem can not be easily remedied, we will refer students to computer repair businesses outside the college (including warranty support from the computer manufacturer).

We recommend that students as well as employees install working and up-to-date antivirus software on all personally owned Windows computers and are free to choose their antivirus product. The most important thing to remember about any antivirus product is that it must be correctly installed, it must be running at all times, and its virus definitions must be kept current. Most antivirus software can be set to get updates automatically and the virus definitions are usually updated once or twice a day.

Students and Employees are also expected to install all software updates, security patches, and service packs for their operating system. The majority of virus infestations we have seen on computers have exploited security holes for which patches were available, but the users had simply not installed them yet. We strongly encourage all Windows computers to turn on Automatic Updates.  Automatic Updates in Windows will regularly download and install security patches from Microsoft. For Apple users, the Software Update for Mac OS should be configured to run at least weekly. We strongly encourage the use of automatic update features for other applications, such as Microsoft Office, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Adobe products, and Java, just to mention a few.