About LBIS


Through integrated services, Library & Information Services (LBIS) connects the Kenyon community to comprehensive and reliable resources and expertise. We develop the skills in ourselves and others to effectively navigate and engage with those resources amidst an evolving technology and information environment. We value positive experiences and creating an inclusive culture of collaboration, innovation, and integrity.  


Inspire inquiry, collaboration, and creative endeavors in the Kenyon community.

Strategic Areas and Priorities

Our Services:  Facilitate the discovery, access, & use of resources.

    • Support continuous improvement and organizational effectiveness throughout the College
    • Maximize flexible use of spaces & resources
    • Expand awareness of & strengthen communication about our services
    • Enrich the individual experience with our services

Our Culture:  Cultivate a team centered on growth, collaboration, & meaningful work.

    • Enhance opportunities for feedback within our team & with the community
    • Continue to seek & implement operational efficiencies within Library & Information Services
    • Foster individual employee growth & expertise
    • Develop meaningful learning opportunities for student employees

Our Community:  Expand our impact to broader audiences within & outside of the College.

    • Promote independence through strengthening foundational technology, data, & research skills
    • Support decision-making throughout the College by sharing expertise
    • Cultivate engagement opportunities with partners outside of Library & Information Services


We are organized into four departments:

In addition, we have a set of cross-functional teams that design and deliver services that require skills from across the departments.

Contact Information

Library Services staff are located in the Library Buildings on Ransom Lawn. 
Information Technology Services (ITS) staff are located in Farr Hall (2nd floor above The Kenyon College Bookstore)
Institutional Research and User Services staff are located in Bexley Hall. 

Our mailing address is:

Library and Information Services
Kenyon College
103 College Drive
Gambier, OH 43022-9624

Tel: (740) 427-5186
Fax: (740) 427-5272