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Chalmers Library Timeline

June 07-18

  • Serra Sculpture Installation (Learn More)
    Serra Sculpture Installation

    Access to Chalmers Library is limited to construction team members only during this two-week period.

June 28

  • Office Moves Begin (Learn More)
    Office Moves Begin

    LBIS and Chalmers Library building partners will begin moving into their office spaces this week.

June 30

  • Kenyon's print collection is unavailable (Learn More)
    Kenyon's print collection is unavailable

    As preparations are made to move into Chalmers Library, our print collection will be unavailable beginning Wednesday, June 30.

    You may request materials from the other libraries in the CONSORT catalog as well as the OhioLINK/Search Ohio catalogs.

July 06 - August 13

  • Library Collections Move (Learn More)
    Library Collections Move

    Library materials will be moved from the storage facility to Chalmers.

July 21 - August 02

  • Microfilm Reader and Bloomberg Terminal are unavailable (Learn More)
    Microfilm Reader and Bloomberg Terminal are unavailable
    The microfilm reader and Bloomberg terminal currently located in Library Mod A are being moved to Chalmers Library on Wednesday, July 21 and will be publicly unavailable until at least August 2.
    We appreciate your patience during the move and please let us know if you have any questions by visiting this page:

July 26-23

  • Library Mods will be closed for move (Learn More)
    Library Mods will be closed for move
    Library mods A,B, and C will be closed to the campus community starting July 26, which will allow the service points and staff offices to be moved into the new Chalmers library.   Please try to pick up any circulation items or books being held for you this week. 
    If you absolutely need items while we are closed, please make special arrangements with me to pick them up.  Also, please return any items no longer needed this week.  

August 02

  • Library will launch new website (Learn More)
    Library will launch new website

    Beginning the first week in August, the library will launch a new site, 

    The LBIS homepage will still be available at, where you can access web pages for the library, technology assistance, Institutional Research, and more. 

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